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On June 26, 2012 has been organized the Conference by the project „Publicity, Transparency and Partnership-a Basis for Social and Regional Development”. The project has been implemented by the Foundation for Transparent Regulations and the European Movement with the assistance of the European Union through the Bulgaria-Serbia Cross-Border Programme CCI No 2007CB16IPO006 under subsidy contract № РД-02-29-202/28.07.11.  The period of the implementation is from 29/07/2011 to 07/28/2012.

Foundation for transparent regulations has been organized for the fourth year in succession annually awarded prize for transparency and partnership activities of regional and municipal administrations in Bulgaria. The Foundation pass on her experience to Serbian NGO “European Movement”. The project was established and pilot tested among 36 Serbian municipalities from Bulgaria-Serbia cross-border region. The Serbian prize is analogous with Bulgarian prize for transparency and partnership in activities of municipal administrations. The prize is a annual statuette and a symbol of transparency and publicity. The award identifies and shows good practices of activities of municipal administrations and and the positive impact of its partnership with NGOs in front of the general public and business institutions. During the project was made two award statuettes and were trained 4 th Serbian experts drafted Regulation of Competition in Serbia. The Regulation has been promoted among Serbian municipalities. Winners in the first competition in Serbia are following municipalities:

  • Vranje - in the category "Most transparent municipal administration" and
  • Pantalej - in the category „Best practice for partnership between a municipal administration and the organizations of civil society”

At the closing conference in Sofia were presented:

  • The dproject and achieved project results;
  • Handbook with Serbian good practices in transparency and publicity and partnerships ;
  • The experience of awarded municipal administrations in Serbia;
  • The experience of Bulgarian municipalities from from Bulgaria-Serbia cross-border region:  Mirkovo, Pernik and Radomir.

The overall project objective is to improve the capacity for joint planning, solving current issues and future development between local administrations and structures of civil society in the cross-border regions of Bulgaria and Serbia through sharing experience and promotion of good practices in the area of partnership and good governance. More information can be found on the website of the Foundation for transparent regulations

Shared experiences and best practices Shared experiences and best practices Shared experiences and best practices Shared experiences and best practices
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