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The Foundation for Transparent Regulations is a non-profit legal entity, established to work for public benefit, of no political or religious character. The Foundation supports the formation of mechanisms and structures within the Bulgarian civil society, the social integration into society and the overall process of democratization of the country’s public and political life.


The Foundation for Transparent Regulations aims at:


- Creating new possibilities for management transparency through the implementation of regulations, stipulating full transparency in the decision making process on all administrative levels;

- Stimulating civil activity on the basis of full membership in the EU – market and behavioral models;

- Enhancing the dialogue and cooperation with state and local authorities as well as business entities in resolving socially significant problems – education, qualifications, local governance and democracy;

- Ensuring transparency in the Foundation's activities and imposing mechanisms that guarantee the will of the founders and the donors.


The Foundation for Transparent Regulations is a foundation of an open type, collaborating on all levels and with all institutions.


Documents of FTR

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