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Start of Prize 2015


In 2016, the Foundation for transparent regulations will give for the eighth consecutive time the awards for transparency and partnership in the activities of regional and municipal administrations for results achieved during the calendar year – 2015.

The theme of transparency and partnership cannot be exhausted neither with the project - "Transparency and publicity of the activities of regional and municipal administrations - guarantee of integrity and good governance" (№ 08-12-118-C/27.08.2008), funded under the Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity", nor with his seven-year sustainability. So we will continue to work and encourage manifestation of good governance. We are proud that we were among the first in Europe who "embraced" the Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance of the Council of Europe and undertook to promote and encourage its implementation. For this reason, we received a special recognition personally by Giovanni Distazi, Chairman of the Chamber of Regions of the Congress of Local Authorities of the Council of Europe, which was our special guest at the first edition of the competition - awarding the First prize of the Foundation for transparent regulations. Inspired by his words - "Sofia is an example of border cooperation in Southeast Europe" - we have moved our experiences in neighboring Serbia in 2011-2012 by another project - "Publicity, Transparency and Partnership - a Basis for Social and Regional Development", financed by contract for grant funding №RD-02-29-202 / 28.07.2011 under Bulgaria – Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme 2007-2013.

In the "Prize" menu, "Competition" submenu, are published regulations and the application forms in all four categories of the Award 2015. The application deadline for the 2015 Prize will be from March 1, 2016 to May 31, 2016.

The deadline for evaluation of the new applications will be from June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016. The awards ceremony for the winners will be held in July 2016.

More information and photos from all previous editions of the competition you can find in "Prize" menu, submenus - "Winners" and "Ceremony".

We welcome your nominations for sound and transparent management and your inspiring practices for partnership with civil society!
Together we can more! 

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